Small Changes: A Homework Station

I’m not sure Finn would categorize this as a small change. Medium change perhaps. While I’ve been crazy at work this week finalizing end of school year details and working on an event, Finn used some of his time off to construct a desk for the office. I know, doesn’t the office already have a desk? Why yes, it does. But with Emmeth entering fifth grade and the small one entering home school (more on that another time) we needed a place for them to work and to house a family computer. I know, we have those console/desks in the living room. Somehow staring out the window while other kids are playing just wasn’t working for getting afternoon homework done. And I didn’t want a computer on display in the living room (or in front of a window visible from the street).

So we moved out the dresser set-up.

More on our plans for the dresser another time. I showed Finn this inspiration image, seen on designmom and he set to work constructing the desk. You can see variations on this idea on my office pinterest board as well.

A 70 x 15 piece of aspen board forms the desk, trimmed out with 1 x 2.

He attached a cleat on the wall to support the back of the desk.

Its painted the same color as the wall, in a semi-gloss instead of eggshell for wiping off the inevitable marks.

He still has to caulk, add cord holes/covers and one more layer of paint, which is why the top has yet to be arranged. As we plan to mount the computer monitor on the wall I’ll have to move the bulletin board as well. I’m not sure the chairs will stay either, I may switch them out for the stools we have in the living room. In the meantime, Roan thinks it makes a great nap spot.

The barn door hardware arrived yesterday, along with the rug and other items for Roan’s room. Should be an exciting week! Have a lovely weekend. The kids are now out of school and we’re planning some pool time and general relaxing. Poor Finn has to work though. See you next week.

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6 Responses to Small Changes: A Homework Station

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  • Emily Kerr says:

    Love it!

    We are plugging along in the same fashion — figuring out our work space for the coming year.

    And praying the Craiglist Billy ($175 for $500 worth of cabinets, woot!) won’t fall over before we can decide on the configuration. Our “homework area” has floors like a roller coaster.

    • Kathryn says:

      The “square” corner of the desk is curved to fit the wall and the legs have blocks of two different sizes attached them to the desk to accommodate our roller coaster floor. Our office billy’s are shimmed too :) Nice score.

  • Emily Kerr says:

    How did you decide to shim them? I am pondering the least visually offensive method that is also removable, since we hope to redo the floor in the next year.

    • Kathryn says:

      We just used shims under the front legs and broke them off so they weren’t too visible. We had to tilt them back so we could attach them to the wall because the floor slopes in. Eventually I’m going to build them in and will be able to adjust for the slope with the platform we put them on.

  • Emily says:

    Currectly? We have a slab of notebook paper, a shim and some chunks of laminate flooring doing the jon. Everything has to come down/out to paint the room, so nothing perm.

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