Roan’s Room, a floorplan in four acts.

Oy. The small one’s room layout is driving me just a little bonkers. I like to keep as much of the floor space open as possible. So they can play and such. And that giant chair. You know, the one I thought I’d got figured out. Yeah, not so much. So I need your help. I present to you four room layout options. At the bottom of this post is a form. Please to be voting for your favorite.

In other news, the rug arrived Friday. You’ll see it in the pics. Its awesome. Things are starting to come together. I now have all the major elements in and get to start the fun details. Can’t wait to see how all the little additions we’ve imagined turn out. But in the meantime, please, help a girl out.

Act 1. This is the layout from the virtual floor planner. I thought it would work. I don’t think it does.

Act 2. Desk moves to the other side of the room.

Act 2 again, another view.

Act 3.  The chair moves (drama).

Another angle. This one was tricky to get an accurate full-room shot. Remember, we’re dealing with a 10 x 10 room here.

Act 4.  It’s a little weird, but I had to try it. Sometimes things work when you don’t think they will.

And sometimes they don’t.



And a bonus option.Who knew one tiny space had so many furniture arranging opportunities?


So, which one is your favorite? Vote away.


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