Cooking with Kids: Weekly Dinner #2

Week two of the ten-year old cooking dinner weekly experiment went well. Emmeth has asked for what we call the “egg chip cheese” meal (we are so imaginative here). It’s essentially huevos rancheros all scrambled up. It looks absolutely horrible, but tastes great. Plus it has only four ingredients and doesn’t require a knife, so I was completely on board.

To begin, gather your ingredients.

Multigrain chips. So its healthy.

Place about 3/4 of the bag of chips in a ziplock bag. Make sure its closed. Hand your child a mallet and let her release any and all aggression she holds constructively.

Crack 6-8 eggs, mix with a little milk. Pour a couple of tablespoons of oil in a pan. Saute the smashed chips for a few minutes, then add in a cup or so of salsa.

Once the salsa is evenly distributed pour the eggs in and stir it up. I had to stop taking pictures here because this is the stage that it just looks really gross. Power through and tell yourself everything in the pan tastes good. Cook till eggs are done, then add in a couple handfuls of cheese. I used sharp cheddar. Plate it up with some avocado on top. Ok, I’m going to show you a picture. Remember, it tastes good.

Yum. Anyone else have a favorite recipe that doesn’t look as good as it tastes?

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