Barn Door Fiasco

Remember how we were going to be super productive during Finn’s vacation and put up a barn door in the small one’s room? And we knew there wasn’t wood back there but we had a grand plan. Oh grand plan, how you have blown up in our face. You’ve seen a lot of the afters of fixing this crazy house. The befores are pretty awful but oh man, the in-betweens, where we discover just how falling apart the house is, those are the best.

Here is what we’re dealing with. And I use the term we very loosely because really all I’ve done is commiserate and take pictures.

Finn cut a lot of holes in the drywall to try to figure out what structure was behind there and how much we should take off. We had thought it would just be the bit above the doorway. Not so much. See all the no’s? No wood there. See the yes? There seems to be a strip of wood running horizontally at the top of the wall. But NONE underneath supporting it. That’s right, we have no idea what’s holding that wall up. And yet we all still slept there last night. I hate this house. It kills my dreams. My pretty barn door dreams.  We have a contractor friend coming tomorrow to help us make sense of what we’ve found. Here’s hoping his answer isn’t that we should rebuild the addition.


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