Minor Mayhem

We got advice from a contractor friend yesterday about our concerns about the attic addition’s construction. He made us feel much, much better. This morning Finn picked up a support beam and then set to work removing drywall. Here’s what we found.

You’ll have to picture the happy dance I did when Finn told me there was actual structural material under there cause there’s no way I’m ever documenting it. So, hooray for structural support. Quickly followed by, why is it at an angle? Let’s get closer.

Yes, it seems that at one time there was a smaller dormer on our house and someone just tied into that frame to expand it. Why they couldn’t have gone ahead and made the ceilings full height when they did that is beyond me. I always wonder what was going on with all these little things we find.

While we were upstairs, the kids were in the basement. Constructing this.

They call it a zip line. I had to take pictures so I could explain everything to the ER docs later.


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