Anatomy of a Room: Planning Christina’s Living Room

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this weekend playing with ideas for Christina’s living room. Finn was working nights anyway and my kiddos go to bed early. Plus I find this fun and relaxing. I’m not sure why I’m making excuses for it either. At any rate, if you remember Christina’s looking for ways to inject her family’s personality into the space, as well as a lot more function with seating and storage. She likes modern, her husband is more traditional. And she’d like the space to feel warm and cozy. Let’s look at a floor plan.

I need to find a better tool for this, but it gives you some idea of what I’m thinking and how the space is laid out. The entry room is on your left and there needs to be a clear pathway from there into the space and through to the rest of the house, which is beyond the next opening. I’ve added in bookshelves for storage, but also because I think a wall of books always makes a room more cozy. Although the floor planner couldn’t show it, in the mood board below you’ll see I’m actually suggesting the shelves create a corner nook. Additional storage for entertainment elements is on the left side of the fireplace. For seating there is an apartment size sofa, since the space is narrow, the big leather chair and a chaise. The chaise can serve to hold a couple of people when she has guests. I’ve also added in several lamps, as the room’s only overhead fixture does not provide enough light for the space.

Now on to the fun stuff, choosing the furnishings and accessories. Today I’ll show you a mid-range set of options, next time we’ll look at how you might find similar items if you like to thrift furnishings.


Christina’s dining room is deep red, so to connect the spaces I’m bringing some reds over into this space. For this board I placed a red patterned flor tile to bring the color over. Dark woods add to the cozy feel, as well as appealing to more traditional tastes. I’m balancing all that warmth with grey upholstery and some metallic elements.  Christina likes modern  eclectic design, so I’ve chosen furnishings with clean lines and mixed in a couple unexpected details, like the dresser style entertainment unit and a skirt on the chaise. The rug pattern adds to the Anthropologie feel she likes. And the corner bookshelf will make use of an odd corner. Although not pictured, glass doors on the bookshelves will provide a cleaner look. Accessories, however, will be key to really bringing style together. Below are a few I’d start with.

A mix of textures is essential to create a cozy, eclectic space. Pillows liven up the couch and leather chair, while floor poufs add still more seating. Baskets to store shoes, magazines and kid projects keep the coffee table and other surfaces clear, yet still allow the room to function for a busy family. Changing out the knobs on the bookshelf doors and dresser entertainment storage make sure that the little details connect the room together.

The rug Christina eventually chooses, however, will really help set the room. RugsUSA is having a great sale now, here are a couple other options I think would be fabulous in this space.

I love the idea of this graphic navy pattern with the red she has in the next room. I also like this mustard yellow.

Lots of options. What’s your favorite?

Links for the furniture board below. You can see more ideas and find the accessories on my Pinterest board.

sofa. chaise. flor tile. floor lamp. bookshelves. dresser. side table

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2 Responses to Anatomy of a Room: Planning Christina’s Living Room

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  • Cheltz says:

    I, for one, am totally judging you for working on this, when you should’ve been spending every waking minute with your family, obviously.

    But other than that, I like both rugs. I can’t make a color choice without knowing more. They probably both could look great. I would lean towards the rug that is softer and more comfortable to sit on, because, in my experience, when you have a lot of people over, some of them end up on the floor.

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