My Kitchen

It’s a working family kitchen. Which means that, yes, there is almost always a tea-cup in front of the microwave. There is a basket of snacks on top of the fridge. And there is always stuff waiting to be carried up on the most awkwardly placed staircase ever (visiting children are always getting lost in our house looking for the way upstairs).

The kitchen was the first project we undertook when we moved into this house. With an 18 month old. We did it ourselves and while I think we did a good job with the complete lack of knowledge and money we had, it has a fair number of issues. I’d love a bit of a do over.  The kitchen itself used to end just after the stove. We knocked out a wall, put in a header and expanded into what’s known here as a “tandem”, which in this case was a finished former porch. It left a rather awkward back door entry into the kitchen/dining room. Eventually we plan to replace that far wall with patio doors (or even better, those lovely french steal doors I posted the other day) to a narrow deck and then floor over the existing entry. It needs proper lighting, a better counter, etc.  Someday.

In the meantime, this works well. When I look at the mistakes, I remind myself that many people are happy with less and that the construction mistakes are most obvious to us because we made them. I love the wallpaper, it was the first big risk I took in a room. I like our chalkboard/magnet wall.

I like that everyone can hang out in the attached dining room when we have people over. I’m feeling the need for a few tweaks though. Something a little different in the dining area to combat my desire to rip out the walls and put in patio doors.

We’re having company next week which is always a good excuse for rearranging. Not that I ever really need an excuse.

Anyone else motivated by company to tweak their homes?

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