Tweaking the Dining Room

Remember yesterday, when I said I wanted to make some changes in our dining room? Well check out what a random Craigslist search found.

I love it. Finn hates it (hates it!). It is pretty big for our super narrow (9 foot wide) dining space. I think with a few more adjustments it could work though. And yes, that is a dessert bowl full of napkins as a centerpiece. If I’m going to have an upholstered piece in the dining room I really need to emphasize the use of napkins.

I’m thinking some lighting on the shelves behind the bench. I’ve been obsessing over this kitchen and love the way these lamps look.

While I’m not working with the same space, I think I could borrow the idea with these.  Just two though I think.

I’m also pondering an eventual paint change. I’ve pondered that for a while, the trick is figuring out how it flows with the rest of the space. I like the green, but its been green for five years now. I saw this pic on designmom and it’s sparking some ideas.

Nothing set yet, but I like the idea of grey (shocking, I know) and a stencil. Then again, my whole house is grey. And I have black furniture in the kitchen, so it would need to be a lighter color.

What do you think? Where do you stand on the upholstered bench issue?

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