Weekend Projects

You guys. The barn door is finished. Or almost. We have to get hardware so the boy can get out of his room. Wait. Perhaps that’s not urgent. We also have to put in some floor stops so it doesn’t swing. But it’s up, painted and bonus, the upstairs has yet to fall down. Win-win. And now that that project’s done its time to clean the house. Seriously. The cleanliness here gets disgustingly neglected every time we do a project. Must catch up before company comes. Or, you know, before we all die of some awful disease.

Also on the agenda this weekend is painting the small one’s desk. Remember this?

He wants it painted “rainbow”. We picked out some paint samples last week and painting it is my weekend project.

In other news, the small one is six (6!) on Tuesday. Expect sappy “How did my baby get so old” post to be forthcoming. I had grand plans for a super cool robot building party, but he nixed that in favor of bowling. With an ice cream cake. Honestly, doesn’t he know I have crafty blog posts about my awesome parenting to write?

Hope you all have a lovely (and cool) weekend. And if you’re so inclined stop by and like Designing Around on our brand new facebook page. It’s sure to be full of the awesome shortly.

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