Holiday Inspiration

Happy 4th! Hope your day is filled with summer fun. I’ve planned a few crazy activities for the kids. We’ll be making rockets from water bottles that launch with vinegar and baking soda (tutorial next week), playing with bubble snakes, setting off cola fountains and having a water balloon extravaganza to cool off. Fireworks are usually a no go with my sensory kid, but she seems interested this year. We shall see. What are your plans for the holiday?

And now some lovely inspiration from Pinterest. Enjoy!

I’m tempted to make this fireworks cake today. Doesn’t it sound fun?

A great narrow living room, much more formal than I like but furniture arrangement offers lots of inspiration. Love the studio sofa, if I could find one in the right scale I think it would look great bridging the two halves of my space.

Narrow living room. Found here.

Love this dining room.

Dining Room. Found here.

Isn’t this nook sweet?

Bedroom nook. Found here.

cheers!  The tall one’s bedroom will be featured tomorrow on Apartment Therapy kids, I’ll be back with a link in the morning.

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