Chip it. Chip it good.

I’ve been working on painting the small one’s desk. He asked that it be rainbow, so I had him pick out his favorite colors from the bulls-eye rug we got for his room. Then I saw the new Chip It feature from Sherwin Williams on The Lettered Cottage. It’s a nifty little toolbar app that allows you pull paint colors from a website photo. So I installed it to my toolbar and wandered over to West Elm to see what it came up with to match the rug.

Not bad. It read the blues as greys, but in all fairness they look more grey online than they do in person. We had already bought paint samples, but these are very close to what we had purchased. And the green I got is not quite right, it’s too light so I may go back and get the avocado at some point. I’m not usually into matching things exactly but there are times where that works.

Onto the transformation. Here is a before pic just to jog your memory.

And here’s the after.

Not too bad for a $20 thrifted desk. We may replace the laminate on top someday, for now I like that its got some wear. Seems appropriate for a six-year-old boy. Wish I’d seen the Chip it function before we bought paint though. Quite handy for creating a palate. What do you think, any upcoming projects this app might help with?


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2 Responses to Chip it. Chip it good.

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  • Cheltz says:

    I can see the chip it app coming in handy, but I’m not usually too bothered by things not matching perfectly. The desk is more fun with more color, and I never noticed the green chair before. It’s pretty fun too!

    • Kathryn says:

      Me either, but occasionally could be useful. And I might use it for identifying color palettes, I tend to stick with my favorites and should branch out a bit.

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