I see a white door and I want to paint it black

Well, once white is more accurate. Gray, grimy and streaked didn’t scan as well though. And co-opted lyrics must scan well.

We replaced our front door when we added the blue siding to the house several years ago. I painted the outside bright green but had done nothing to the interior of the door, which came primed white.  Years of dirty fingers going in and out had made it beyond gross and after trying to clean it again when we had guests last week I decided it was time to finally paint it.  And that given its condition, the best color choice would be black*.

Before. The white is a general gray color, with bonus streaks. This is post-cleaning attempt.

And after.

I used chalk board paint. Two reasons. 1. Writing on the front is cool and 2. the paint guys at home depot take forever and chalk paint is grab and go. Are you sensing a theme here? Its summer, my kids are home all the time and I will always choose what is fast and easy. Done.

*Yes, I did just admit to the world that rather than clean my front door on a regular basis I chose a paint color that would hide my slovenliness. I’ll steam clean the porch any day, but  wipe down the front door? No thank you. And with that revelation you either like me more or have now resolved to never visit.

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