Anatomy of a Room: Keesha’s Bedroom Retreat

Finally, a room that’s not a living room. Or connected to a living room. There are odd corners and awkward doors and windows though, can’t give those up. This is Designing Around after all, not Designing Already Perfect. Keesha, a dance colleague and friend (and blogger at Mom’s New Stage), asked for some help with their bedroom. She has two small children, ages 2 and 3, and needed a space to recharge.  Her family lives in a condo, so space and storage are at a premium. The bedroom must also serve as an office area and she’d like to keep in clear of clutter while having plenty of storage options. Here’s the space now.

Keesha had already planned to create an office space in the far closet and we planned out a PAX wardrobe for the corner by the door (which I forgot to take a picture of). The dressers need to go, they are too tall for the space and don’t provide the right storage. A new bed frame will anchor the room. The night stands stay for now. There’s really no other place for the bed to go, so the floor plan stays the same.

Keesha would like a cozy, relaxing space so I’ve suggested she go super dark on the walls and ceiling, ala this ever popular bedroom by AB Chao.

Gorgeous, no? Downpipe by Farrow and Ball is the paint color.

And here are my furniture suggestions.

A minimalist four-poster bed creates some drama in the space and takes advantage of their high ceilings. A soft white rug provides pattern and texture, while also serving to bounce some light around the space so it’s not too dark. The long, low dresser is a better fit for the space and will allow them to create a gallery wall above for family photos and art. And a sputnik-y chandelier provides character and better light than the one-bulb flushmount they have currently.

Accessories. Keesha had been thinking teal/aqua but after seeing the orange-red on the dresser is now torn between the two. I think she can do both, aqua and orange are lovely partners if not overdone.

Bedding is the most important part of the space and layering is key, especially in Chicago. Bold patterned sheets play with a patterned quilt topped with a textured duvet. All with a light background so the room doesn’t get too dark. Some teal and orange vases, fun prints (including a city map of New York, where Keesha is from), along with a paper mache animal head, that’s more a nod to the inspiration room than an actual suggestion.

I’m coveting her high ceilings right now. And two closets. What do you think, would you paint your walls this dark? Sources below, additional options on pinterest.

Bed. Rug. Dresser. Light. LampChair. Bench.

Sheets. Quilt. Duvet. City Map. Print Clock. Knit bowl.


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