Best Toy Ever

This is how family time looks these days. Legos everywhere, fun for all ages. When I was pregnant with my oldest, one of the things I looked forward to was someday building legos with her.  She plays with them occasionally, but has never been into them as much as the boy. And I can not keep up with him. Plain legos are just not enough for this kid, he wants to create robots and things that move. Lucky for him legos have evolved quite a bit since I was a kid. Technics, with pneumatics, motors and gears, can create amazing things.  Last year I randomly picked up this Klutz Lego Contraptions book. It was great, but not enough gears. So for his birthday we got him this.

Took me forever to figure out where to get this stuff. It’s not available in stores. We’d only seen it at schools, during their robotics demonstrations. They said it was sold in kits that cost thousands of dollars. Which is true. But it turns out that anyone can order from the Lego Education site and they offer smaller kits for homeschoolers. What we purchased was an extension kit, no directions, but over 800 parts. We can add on pneumatics, motors, etc later, slowly building things up if his interest persists.

This stuff is fabulous. There are lego idea books you can get from amazon or the library. One of the best toys we’ve ever bought. It keeps up with his imagination and his desire to engineer increasingly complex systems. He still needs help with some of the most complicated ideas, but he quickly outstripped my skills and understands what these pieces do and how they need to go together. Its been really interesting to watch. And its even encouraged the tall one to begin building again. We had these out at our block party and it was fun to see a couple of the grown men sit down to play with them.

Oh, and clean up? Which is always the worst with legos. This mat is fabulous. Totally worth the money, although I’m sure its pretty easy to make. The gears have a sorting box, which is better for their bits, but we use this with our general lego mess.


And the gears? Flat, so they don’t hurt when you step on them.

What toys have been family favorites in your house?

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