Before and After: The Small One’s Bedroom Reveal

Remember when I was planning the small one’s bedroom way back in May? After the barn door took over our lives, I finally got around to finishing his space. Well, almost. I’m waiting for a couple hooks to come in and  Finn’s slowly finishing the circuit diagram, but I say close enough. Want to see?

Here’s the before.

And the after. Rainbow, with extra green and gears. Plus circuits. Delivered as promised.

Come on in, we’ll show you around.

Desk area before.

Same area of the room today.

Ignore the lack of baseboard. We’re having some insulation work done soon.

Other side of the room before.


Finn’s working on putting an actual circuit design on the wall there behind the clothes bins with silver washi tape.

Some details.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. The gears aren’t exactly where I would have placed them, but turning over control of that to the small one was an easy concession. I like vinyl decals for kids rooms as I can give them the graphic they want without investing a lot of time and money when they change their minds. The space is still very simple, like the tall one’s room, but has plenty of his personality in it.  He doesn’t keep it as tidy as she does, but he’s also only six. I’m interested to see how long he keeps with the decals. How do you approach decorating children’s rooms?


Bed. Rug. Chair. Floor lamp. Wall sconce. Zig Zag Pillow. Initial Pillow. Gears. Storage Unit. Bins. Bean Bag. Art. Curtains. Blind. Sheets (quilt and duvet no longer available). Nightstand.


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