Happy Friday!

Pallet garden path. Found here.

This week has flown by. In fact this entire month has flown by. There’s just over a month of summer left and I need to find some time to make it feel like we’ve all had a break. I’m going to get through this next week and then plan some outings for our little crew. And some days of lying around reading and generally doing nothing. I have some projects I’d like to work on too. This pallet path, above, has me thinking of new ways to transform our tiny, weed infested side yard. Isn’t it lovely?

These tea kettles and the little terrarium below, from Poketo, are on my wish list. I don’t need either (in fact, I use an electric kettle to keep up with my tea obsession), but they’re both so sweet. I’ll take the kettle in blue I think.

This week we looked at ideas for Keesha’s Bedroom, the small one’s room reveal (which was pinned by West Elm. Because I sent it to them. Still cool though) and the new favorite toy in my house. And in case you missed it, last week saw ideas for Lisa’s Living Room and Dining room, as well as my dramatic reveal of my own poor housekeeping (I love the black and am so glad I went for it!).  And the tall one’s room was featured on Apartment Therapy. This weekend I’m going to create a page for all these mood boards. I’m also taking requests for September spaces (August is booked, who knew?), email me at kathryn at designingaround dot com if you’d like your space considered for a floor plan and mood board.

Have a lovely weekend!



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