Camouflage an odd window

I know, another post about the small one’s room. I mean, enough already. However. I feel I should point out something I learned during this redo. See the window above? Do you remember how awkward that window was (is)? Small, low to the floor. Its weird. See for yourself.

Awkward. Also whoever trimmed that window had even less carpentry skills than me. So, the window is ridiculous and needs some work to make it feel proportional. Enter the Enje roller blind. Finn thought I was crazy when I bought one home and asked him to mount it just below the curtain rods.  Especially since the widest blind they have (48″) was still too narrow for the window (which is 60″ with trim).  But he’s a lovely husband who’s used to my odd whims so he did it anyway.

Here you can see the gap on either side. I actually have to work a bit to get the curtains to stay over that far. And here is the close up of the blinds covering the wall space to make the window appear more proportional in the space.

It’s not a perfect solution, but its much better. Now to pick up a white blind and apply the same procedure to the tall one’s room.

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