Welcome to the Jungle

Remember when I said I only liked to garden in the spring? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.  My garden is a hot mess. It doesn’t help that its been ridiculously hot and humid here, but seriously. I need to get out there. I can no longer get to my back door. Considering how overgrown it is, you’d think I’d have gotten more than four measly zucchini and two lackluster cucumbers out of the thing.

Oh, would you like to come over and have a drink on my relaxing, shaded patio? Careful, if the wisteria doesn’t absorb you, the mint and lemon grass just might.

Are the plants repelling mosquitos as advertised? Who knows. It’s certainly repelling guests however. And perhaps I could get around to removing the tag from the table.

And let’s not forget the willow dome. Such potential.

Well, you can sit there and enjoy the dome. Just watch out for the alyssum, it’s already claimed the poor gnomes and fairies.  And occasionally pears (or in the case of extreme storms, entire pear tree limbs) drop right out of the sky.

And finally, the grass. Despite the drought, its managed to stay quite green. With weeds. Look at all the dandelions and spiky plants. So pretty.

How’s your summer garden grow? Are you keeping up appearances? Here’s hoping for some time and cooler weather to whip mine into shape.  And the reappearance of my motivation, which seems to be having quite the summer vacation.

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