Living with Kids: The Case of the Disappearing Shampoo

The tall one is ten. Which means she hasn’t wanted Mommy to wash her hair for her for  a couple of years now (and neither has Mommy really wanted to) . For the first few months of this, we went through at least a zillion bottles of shampoo and conditioner. No one knew why. “Not Me” seemed to be responsible for most of the rapid shampoo attrition. Perhaps you’ve met this mysterious person too? I knew some of it was the SPD sensory seeking, she really liked the feel of the shampoo. Still. I have a budget and it can’t all go to hair products. I mean, she’s not even into the teen Sephora years yet.  So I began on insisting that I squeeze out the shampoo into her hands.  Which was better, but still a pain in the chaos that is showers and bedtime. So in the midst of cold season I had a revelation. Measure it out in those little cups that accumulate. It’s been a great way to keep her independent. And now we go through a bottle of shampoo every few weeks instead of every other day.

What tricks do you have up your sleeves? Anyone else go through shampoo like its water?

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