Small Changes: Looking for side yard inspiration

While I still very much need to get my current garden under control, I’ve been dreaming about transforming other areas. We have two tiny, sad little side yards. One is a pass through, the other just a no man’s land between two houses.  Generally both are completely overgrown with weeds, although when I went out to take pics someone had mowed one side down.

Here’s the no man’s land.

And the pass through.

I’ve been pinning garden ideas. They all have a secret garden quality to them, with paths, sculptures, shade plants, found objects. Things I’d never in a million years put inside I’m drawn to for a garden space. I’d like to make each of these spaces feel intentional and I’d love to create some kind of secret garden in the no man’s land. I think some rocks and varying heights could make the pass through weed patch charming.

Is your garden style different from your decorating style? Anyone have a beautiful urban side yard I should check out?


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