The Magic Necklace

I have recently begun hearing that I have great style*. That I am fashionable even. Which is weird, because seriously? I am the least fashionable person out there. I own multiple pairs of mom pants and wear them regularly. I exist in a uniform of jeans and t-shirts, supplemented by black blazers if I need to go to meetings. My secret? Accessories. Accessories and heels, my dears, are the backbone of being considered stylish. At least once you are already, ahem, over the hill. And this necklace I’m about to share with you. It is the magic necklace. I wore today and was stopped (STOPPED) and complimented no less than 10 times while I was out with the small one. This happens every time I wear it.  Know what I was wearing with it? Jeans, grey t-shirt and grungy sneakers. We were at the zoo. It is excellent for your ego, this necklace. If you’d like one for yourself you can buy them here.  You can also buy them here if you prefer not to purchase knockoffs. My budget can’t handle $150 for a necklace so I was pleased as punch (a phrase I can write but would never utter) to find an affordable version of something I’d been coveting (and in more colors too). But if you won’t judge me for my knock-off I won’t be jealous of your budget. We can still be friends.

What piece do you pull out for guaranteed compliments?

In other news, its time for the weekly wrap-up.

This week we discussed the jungle in my backyard, along with some dreams for other untamed areas. I revealed my secret for camouflaging our weird attic windows, as well as how I stopped the rampant shampoo use in our house. Heady stuff folks, I know you come here for your weekly think posts. The small one starts skateboard camp tomorrow, here’s hoping this doesn’t lead us to more ER trips. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


*Noted – only amongst other middle-aged moms. Among the fabulous young dancers I work with? Not so much. Also I’m still too body conscious to post a photo of myself wearing the necklace. I did actually take the photo, so that’s one step forward. Self-acceptance. Working on it.

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  • Cheltz says:

    I have some antique reproduction rings that I always get compliments on, from all types of people. I don’t do my hair (at all — brush through once a week), and I don’t wear makeup, but I do wear skinny jeans.

    Im happy with 0 of my recent pictures, but I’ve decided to start trying. I do think it takes some skill to take good pictures of adults, that I don’t have yet. Or is that just an excuse?

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