Dear Pottery Barn

Dear Pottery Barn:

We don’t always agree on style, but I generally think of you as a family friendly sort of store. You seem to design your furniture at least with the rough housing of kids in mind. I have to say, however, that in perusing your latest collection of accessories, I think you might have forgotten what its like to actually live with children. Particularly boys. I mean really, have you looked at what you’re suggesting we put in our homes? Giant metal keys? Do you not want me to have anything nice?

And bats as decor. I don’t know about you, but I have a rule about sports equipment in the house for a reason.  Sure, they look cute in your picture. But would they ever actually stay on the coffee table? Not in my house.

And pairing this with a hurricane full of balls? Not wise, Pottery Barn, not wise. Glad I got the heads up on this decor trend before I brought my kids with me to the store.

A few more. I’ll just caption these with what I can only assume is their intended use.

Polly Pocket Ride


Doll Bed

Gouges eyes with ease


Oh and your sister store, Restoration Hardware? Don’t get me started, they went over the edge a while ago.


While all of these items might be well and good for some people, think of the children Pottery Barn! The poor, poor children.


The lady who spends too much time looking at decor online. Clearly.

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