Small Changes: Addition and Subtraction

arc lamp

I got a great deal on the CB2 Big Dipper lamp that I’ve coveted for years this weekend. Yay! And then I knocked over the Dalia mirror on the mantel when I was moving it around (this thing is huge) and broke the mirror. Boo. Do you think I can get a mirror cut to replace it? Where? If not, I think it might look ok with the cardboard removed.

The lamp’s close up.

cb2 big dipper lamp

Why yes, that is a giant pile of legos hiding behind the chair. And two seconds after I’d straightened up enough to get this shot a kid ran through, grabbed the throw off the chair and everything tumbled down. But at least I got a picture of things tidy.

More additions. I picked this terrarium up at West Elm a few weeks ago. They sell them planted and when the plants start to wilt they mark them down significantly. You can order the container here.

Its huge. That seems to be today’s home accessories theme. It lives here, with Shakespeare and the horse head.

Anyone else been super-sizing their home accessories of late?

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