Small Changes: The Guest Room

Ack. My mom is coming to stay with us for two weeks and this is the current state of our guest room. Super cozy and welcoming, yes? This room has lots of challenges regardless, but the fact that the kids have decided its an animal surgery for the last week or so, with the eliptical serving as the robotic medicine maker, is not helping.

All this to say I’m giving the guest room a mini-makeover this weekend. Using what I have (mostly). I have to keep the bed, obviously, and the elliptical has to stay in the room as well. Can I make it an appealing guest space with exercise equipment? Stay tuned for the dramatic reveal and if you’d like sneak peaks over the weekend you should like Designing Around on the Facebook and follow me on instagram. Come on, you know you want to. Also my facebook page looks really sad, so help it out.

In other news, its time for the weekly wrap up. This week we discussed magic necklaces, Pottery Barn insanity, oversize home accessories and open concept living/dining spaces. If you didn’t catch them you simply must go back for a read.  And speaking of the Pottery Barn insanity, I visited the store today with the small one. This happened within 30 seconds of entering the store.


Yep, he’s juggling the bats. 30 SECONDS. I was even prepared and still he got to them first.
Happy weekend!
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