Small Changes: The Guest Room Reveal

Hello dears! How was your weekend? Mine was, well, busy. There was quite a bit of cleaning and clutter relocation. I’d hoped for removal, but I’ll settle for relocation. For now. There was also a bit of painting, a bit of shopping and a trip to the Mini Maker Faire and, of course, the pool. Good weekend overall.  But let’s move on to the guest room’s mini-makeover. That’s what you’re all here to see, right? When we left on Friday it looked like this.

Today? Today it’s looking much better.

Well look at that. You can see the floor AND the bed at the same time. Who knew? I confess, I could have made the bed look better before, I already had all those pillows. Would have made for a much less dramatic reveal though.  So let’s take a tour.  Remember my goal here was to just rearrange for functionality and use decor I already had. Let’s start with the elephant, I mean the elliptical in the room.

It folds and I “hid” it behind curtains. It’s not a perfect solution, but I think it looks better than the machine. Most of the time those curtains will be open and the dresser will move to the other side of the room so that we can use the elliptical. For now though, I think the dresser and chair camouflage things quite well. Speaking of camouflage, how do you like my faux-polstery? That chair is the perfect scale for the room, but its orange. A blanket, with the corners tied together on the sides, covers that right up and adds a nice pattern to the room. Lamp is one of the pair from the living room, the basket on the floor has been looking for a home for a couple of years.

The view from the bed. And the gallery wall. It needs more, but these were homeless after the barn door build. Using what I have on hand right now.  I have plans to spray paint the frame around that painting, but it just wasn’t happening this weekend.

What do you think? Bonus points if you can guess how I put up the curtains around the elliptical.



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