Anatomy of a Room: New Bedrooms for Sharon’s Children

Thank you all for your support yesterday, it really does mean a lot to me.  And now back to our regularly scheduled decor chats. Time for another make over I think, let’s lighten the mood. Sharon recently moved and wants to redo her children’s rooms (that’s her daughter’s room pictured above). Her timetable is fairly quick and she lives nearby so I’ll actually be able to show you progress on these rooms.

Both rooms have wallpaper (that blue stuff, ugh!) that’s coming down. So new paint colors will make a big difference. The beds are staying, as is the rug in her son’s room. Challenges include poorly placed radiators, storage (of course), a desire by her daughter for all pink contrasted with wanting it to look like a colorful drawing and odd little desk nooks. Should be fun! I’ll be starting with the little girl’s room with an idea board later this week. You can check out Pinterest for a sneak peek into my ideas for both rooms.

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