Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bragged on my new stylish ways whilst simultaneously proclaiming my lack thereof?  Here’s more of that.

So, this week a catalog came in the mail. A Land’s End catalog. I opened it and … I LIKED what I saw inside. You guys, what does this mean? Can we all pretend it means that Land’s End is somehow magically hip-er? I think the very fact that I just typed “hip-er” answers that question. Anyway, what do you think? I’m seriously considering purchasing this dress and sweater.

And this one.

And maybe these two items. Although I don’t know that I can pull off yellow pants.

Maybe if I wear them all with the magic necklace that makes everything instantly stylish? What do you think – would you wear any of these? Have I ruined my chances of being thought stylish (don’t answer that)?

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6 Responses to Ruined

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  • Cheltz says:

    I’d wear the yellow pants. I try not to order from catalogs though (except shoes), because I’ve learned from sad experience that just because something looks good on the model, doesn’t mean it would look good on me :(.

  • marissa says:

    I have the cowlneck sweater in grey. Super soft. Its now on clearance and only about $30. I’ve also got a couple of their ponte dresses. Their sizing is way off – vanity sizing is definitely in full swing as I needed a “small” for one of the skirts I tried on. So try on stuff at Sears to get a sense of the sizing, but there are a lot more colors online. And you can return stuff to Sears if it doesn’t work out. They have definitely cranked it up a notch from just jeans and turtlenecks for old people.

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