Friday. Finally!

Oh my. What a week. I’m not sure the weekend is going to bring any major relaxing change, but one can always hope. In the meantime, did you know its National S’mores Day? Finally a random holiday I can support whole heartedly.  While I’m a huge fan of the classic marshmallow on a stick option (are you a charred or evenly caramelized fan?) these options have me visualizing a whole s’mores party – fun stuff!

A s’mores desert table.

S’moretini. Yes please! via

Does the world really need another cute use for mason jars? (yes) via

And the weekly wrap-up. This week we saw the Guest Room Reveal, took a brief diversion into living with sensory processing disorder and anxiety with children, began discussing plans for Sharon’s kid’s rooms, took a second look at Land’s End (btw, I bought the black dress. turns out the floral one is forest green so no.) and finally got a first look at the fabulous new chevron pattern on my bathroom ceiling. No wonder I’m tired, its been a busy week. Elsewhere on the web found Nicole discussing the Magic Necklace (and some other places to find a knock-off version) on Babble and a fun link to the Pottery Barn post over at Candid Diversions. Thanks for the love guys!

This weekend the tall one is heading to the Hellenic Museum with Granny and then we’re all channeling our inner geek as we head up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Should be fun people watching.  And we’ll try to fit in some s’mores of course. I’m also meeting with Sharon to finalize plans for her spaces, looking forward to sharing that progress with you soon. What about you, any fun plans for the weekend?



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