Anatomy of a Room: The Five Year Old Girl

Today we’re going to look at plans to redo this bedroom for a five-year old girl. To illustrate her wishes for the room, Leah, like any other five-year old, drew me a picture. It was pink, teal and purple stripes. Her mother was less than enthused with the plan. So how to take this to something workable? Well since I’ve already worked with one client that demanded everything be purple and another who wanted rainbow with extra green, I felt fairly sure I was up to the challenge.

The color scheme, via Leah.

Which I translated from stripes to teal walls, purple dresser & headboard, pink accents. Trim, ceiling and closet doors remain cream.

The furniture plan. Sharon wanted much more storage in a style that would grow with her daughter, as well as a desk for craft projects and later homework. Seating for friends, a comfy family reading chair and a soft rug completed the needs assessment. So here’s the plan. I’ve placed a headboard and dresser similar to what she has in the idea board, as both are staying. They’re white now, but will be painted purple.

The dresser stays in the little nook, shown below, while two large bookshelves will replace the small white one currently in the space. The desk will go between the two bookshelves. The dark wood of the bookshelves and desk will help ground the brighter colors in the space and provide a space for the eye to rest. The bed moves to the far corner and sits on an angle, so the reading chair can move near the closet. Leaving plenty of floor space for playing, slumber parties and lots of fun. A soft rug in a bright color finishes things off.

And then a ton of accessories.

Fun wall art, some decals to brighten up the closet doors, plenty of little hooks jewelry, fun suitcases for the polly pockets, colorful bins for the stuffed animals that seem to multiply during the night. Leah was a little (ok a lot) worried when the wall color was just teal, no stripes, but I think all these bright colors in the bedding and accessories, not to mention the painted furniture, will create a space that’s both uniquely her and one that her mom can stand to see every morning. We’ll be on a shopping and painting spree this month and I hope to show you the completed space in September (what?).

What do you think, could you go this bright in your child’s room? Sharon has two spaces I’m planning for her,  later this week we’ll look at her son Danny’s much more subdued space.


Sources for everything on my Pinterest board.

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