Small Changes: A New Rug

Hello there, dears, how are you?  I know, I’ve been a bit absent. Summer and all that. You too? Excellent. 

On to the great rug reveal. I know you’ve been on tenterhooks all week. Our lovely bare floors are above. We had them refinished dark a few years ago and I never see this much of them so I snapped a quick picture in between rugs. The guy who did them for us insisted that we’d hate them if we went dark and it would make the house feel tiny, but I think they turned out beautiful. They’re actually a bit darker than the photo shows, I always have to lighten things a bit so the couches don’t blend in.

Ze new rug. For the record, my family hates it. HATES it. Well, the small one hasn’t really expressed an opinion, but the rest of them have been vocal. Including my mother. Tasteless heathens, the lot of them. Pattern mixing is clearly too avant-garde for them. And considering the level of pattern mixing going on here (which is quite low), I think they’re over-reacting.

It coordinates nicely with the legos, don’t you think? I need to do a bit of console and pillow styling (and floor tidying) before I show you more photos.

I ordered this months ago with a 75% off coupon from rugs usa. They’re having another sale now, although this rug is only 35% off this time. The wait was a little painful, as I have the patience of a gnat, but if you can handle the backorder time its a great quality rug, especially for what I paid.  I hadn’t thought about the bathroom ceiling when I ordered this and as there’s another chevron upstairs I’m a little concerned this might be too much. Most people don’t go upstairs though, so hopefully it doesn’t look like I can only live with one pattern.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends. Are you gearing up for school where you are? We have another two weeks till the tall one goes back and I’m hoping to fit in some fun before then.


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