The addition of the new rug called for some restyling in the living room. I wanted to try a couple of things – to connect the bold navy in the rug into the rest of the room and to try Emily’s rule of three patterns per sofa. So, looking at her rules of pattern mixing, with scale and color scheme, I tried a triad out on the sofa.

Stripes, floral and a geometric. Different scales, all blues.

I had the two pillows there before, as you can see in the top photo. They were ok, but the addition of the throw really brings it together.

Once the sofa was appropriately patterned, it was time to style the console. I’ve meant to do this for a while, so I thought I’d show you a bit of the process. First, I gathered up everything I was considering for the top. I wanted white, as there’s a lot of dark color and pattern in the rest of this space.

Two trays, a couple vase-type items, MM. Obtuse and Acute (oui, French owls) and the wire cubes and wooden asterisk as potential textural contrasts. I began trying things together.

Too white, too short.

I added some books, but no. Weird proportions.

Trying a lantern for height. Still no, this time too much air space.

That’s better. Corralling everything on the larger tray, adding height with books and using the asterisk and cubes for texture against the vase and tray. I’d just pushed the owls and small vase to the side, but decided I liked them on that end together too.

So, new rug, with pillow and console styling. Much more pattern going on, but the color scheme is quite simple.

Anyone else been encouraged to mix patterns lately? What do you think of this new trend?

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