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Several idea boards ago, I promised to show you how to create rooms without buying new. I have a mix of things in my home, some that I saved for and purchased new, like our sofas, but most that were found with a general idea of what I was looking for and lots of time on Craigslist and in thrift stores. I live near Chicago, which means that generally I can find pretty much anything on CL, although not always for what I want to pay. I thought it would be fun to start a weekly feature where I search CL and show you what I would choose for a specific room. For now I’m searching the Chicago CL, but I’m open to searching other cities if this is interesting.

I’m starting with the living room, as that’s the room I’ve had the most requests for. I’m also limiting myself to only one IKEA item per room as an extra challenge. Here we go.

How to furnish your living room well from Craigslist


Everything on here was found Sunday on the Chicago Craigslist. Sources for all can be found on my Pinterest board. I’ll delete items weekly, so each week will have the current sources. Total cost for the room above, including the two sofas, $1995. Pre-bargaining, if you’re good with that sort of thing.

I started this idea board with the sofa, as that sets the tone for the living room. I found two really great ones this week, the navy Jasper from Room and Board (had to pick that one as I have two in my living room) and the beige one from Crate and Barrel. Both seem to be in like new condition. The Jasper is super cheap at $250 so somebody will grab that one quick. I then found the Pottery Barn rug, which would work well with either sofa. A cute secretary (which would be even better painted, perhaps lined inside with a fun paper and with new hardware), a mid-century console, a great round coffee table and a couple of interesting chairs (including a knock-off Eames like we have upstairs) round out the options. I even found a throw pillow and table lamp. And finally for extra storage, not on the idea board, some ubiquitous IKEA Billy bookcases.

So there you go. An entire living room, furnished on the cheap with like new items. What do you think? Do you use CL and thrift stores to round out your living spaces or do you prefer to buy new? And would you like to see more posts like this?

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