Escalating Events

This afternoon’s plan was to change out the knobs on the cabinet that lives in the bathroom hallway. That was the plan. A three-minute project, tops.


This cabinet houses all the things a family needs near the bathroom, as our actual bathroom is tiny (6 foot by 6 foot) and has no storage. It’s an IKEA cabinet I grabbed on a whim from the as is section a couple of years ago. It never had a knob for the bottom drawer and it sits a little funny, but it has the storage we need and its in an out of the way corner so its oddness doesn’t really matter. It also lives in front of a door, semi-camouflaging it.

I’d finally remembered to pick up some knobs when I was at Anthropologie Monday. I removed the old ones on the door and installed the new ones. Then I tried to shut the doors and realized the threaded bit ran into the shelves. Anthro knobs have a long threaded screw so you can cut or break it at the length you need. Rummaging through the basement to find the hacksaw seemed like a lot of work so instead I thought I’d just move the shelf. In retrospect, the hacksaw might have been easier. Moving the shelf led to the realization that the cabinet was a disaster. So I decided to just empty and reorganize the whole thing.

Which led to this.

Ummm, 15 half-used boxes of band aids? Really? Then this thing came out.

Finally there was this.

And then, eventually, I reached the original goal.

My three-minute project took two hours. Because of course I decided to start it just before a work call during a double play date. Multi-tasking insanity. On the plus side I can now easily open the cabinet AND find what I’m looking for afterwards. Even more impressive, the kids were all playing quietly in the basement during the call (do I know how to take a day off or what).

Anyone else experience escalating projects?

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7 Responses to Escalating Events

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  • Mum says:

    Way to go daughter mine. Any time you get bored I have several cupboards at my house in need of organizing. Be glad to babysit while you do it!!

  • Farrah says:

    I had decided to tackle the growing stack of papers, bills, etc that had not been filled since before I got pregnant. Then I figured I better go through our files and purge unneeded documents…. All with a 3 mos old who does not nap. I wish I could post a photo. It’s a disaster now on 4 days.

  • Karen Caruthers says:

    every project I do. but I get distracted by shiny things and leave half finished projects EVERYWHERE. I am currently getting all books organized for next week’s school start and am fighting the urge to go through every bookshelf in the house and rearrange them all using the dewey decimal system.

    • Kathryn says:

      Couldn’t that be their first assignment? History of library organization. I have got to get organized for next week’s school start. Have to tell Finn what to do.

  • Karen Caruthers says:

    you’re funny. I have bookcases in every room except the bathroom. We are up to our eyeballs in books. And I just got 10 boxes from Amazon, with more on the way. :) Must get organized. sigh.

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