Happy Friday (Saturday)!

Goodness this week went quickly. The tall one started 5th grade with so little fanfare it was as though she’d never left. Transitions are usually really intense around here but this year, nada. Well, not nada but nothing that screamed SPD. After years of dealing with the other (and the wonderings about anxiety earlier this summer) it was lovely to see her so confident and happy. We started homeschooling with the small one this week too. More on that next week.

Some fun and pretty things I found this week for your weekend reading.

That cake above has me itching to bake. And to invest in a cute little cake stand, like this one.

This DIY neon light kit looks super fun.

Judy Garland doesn’t care. (via)

Would you? I think I would.

I shiver every time I see these. What do you think?

This week we discussed bedding options for a boy’s room, a calm bedroom for the Weekly Room and my family’s back to school Lazy Day tradition. I’m excited for this weekend, a photographer from Apartment Therapy is coming Sunday to shoot our home tour. Fun! I have A LOT of cleaning and staging to finish before she gets here though. Its cooled down today and really feels like fall. I’m ready to throw open the windows as we clean.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  • Emily Kerr says:

    Those glass crab shells creep me out. I mean, land hermit crabs will wedge themselves into whatever is available to keep their abdomen protected (we’ve all seen the pics of crabs in pop bottle caps and such) but it seems to be barbaric to me to FORCE them into an unnatural shell. They don’t change willy-nilly and what they do to them commercially to stuff them into those painted shells you see in pet stores? Barbaric. The darn things do not breed in captivity. They’re all wild-caught. Sad, sad, sad.

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