Happy Friday!

Oh my am I happy to see you today, Friday. Even though I have so much left to do that you are rendered meaningless, you still hold symbolic promise. Let’s see if we can make that less symbolic for next week, ok? How about you guys, any big weekend plans or will your to do lists trump the weekend feeling?

The tall one is away at a choir retreat all weekend. She’s the youngest in the group and I’m having trouble controlling my anxiety about how little supervision there might be. Which is tricky, as part of me is fairly convinced she’ll get lost in the woods, the girl has NO sense of direction. Gets that from her mom. Oy. Finn’s working, so the small one and I are going to hit up the farmer’s market in the a.m. for a mess of ingredients for hand pies. We picked up a new apple peeler and pie press a few days ago and have been itching to try it out. So I’ll get a little bit of weekend-ness in there. He learned to ride his bike this week and is looking forward to riding to the market next to me instead of on the trail-a-bike. And true to form, he waited to ride that bike till he knew he could do it really well. Meaning he went from not going near a bike to stunt turkey in about 30 seconds. Between the tall one’s burgeoning independence (she might be walking home from school soon as well) to his desire to bike off stairs, I might need some anxiety meds myself soon.

A couple of fun links for the weekend.
This article for my friends who worked in bookstores with me. So true (thanks for the link Nicole). Anyone else have a crate of cover-less paperbacks still?

This house tour is so real.

I’m still pondering entering our home for this. Guess I should get it together quickly if so.

This video is a must watch for every woman who’s given birth.

On the blog this week we looked at the changes I’m pondering for our dining room. From the picture above, its clear I’m still looking smitten with grays. Good news – Finn’s up for changing the lighting fixture, painting and a possible new table. Bad news, all the tables I like are too expensive. We also looked at home office options in The Weekly Room (how do you like the new idea board format). And I discussed how we’re planning to home school the small one this year. I have a co-op orientation tomorrow, Finn and I will be teaching art as part of our rotation. Well, Finn will be teaching art, that’s totally his fort√©. I might offer some dance/theatre work.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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