The Fall Garden

I spent all day today (Sunday) working in the garden. When we put in the front garden, I deliberately crowded together the shrubs, planning to separate them as they grew. Most of them outgrew the space a couple of years ago, so today was spent doing a lot of digging and heavy lifting. I began the process of clearing out the side yards and relocated seven good size shrubs. While it’s still nowhere near the inspiration pictures, little things are starting to come together.

The north side yard, which I would like to have a bit of a secret garden quality eventually, got an arch and climbing roses, relocated from the front entry where they looked ridiculous. A couple of rhododendrons and a butterfly bush were moved from other parts of the yard. A few more plants are needed on the side of the house, but as the roses grow it should look much better.

The south sideyard is just getting started. I moved an overgrown red twig dogwood from the front and a hydrangea that’s just never grown. Perhaps it will like its new home better. Finn and I made plans today to improve upon the improvised patio space with a small retaining wall and a more structured patio, so I’ll be bringing the flagstones currently in front to this side space as well. The sidewalk next to the house is very narrow, so the flagstones should make the pass through space much more functional. A couple of rocks and perhaps some hostas will finish that space.

Here is the front garden after today’s work. A boxwood border is going in, which we think we’ll continue around the front of the garden as well. The shrubs have been rearranged for their current size and space needs. Where the table and patio are now, we’re hoping to put in square pavers similar to this.

So, some progress. And a gorgeous day outside. I need to go take some Advil now though, so I can move in the morning. That was a lot of work.

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