Alternatives to Fall Decorating

modern fall decor

I like fall, but I’ve never been into seasonal decorating. I don’t change out my mantel or have door decor that changes with the seasons. Perhaps it’s because I switch things around so much anyway it just doesn’t seem necessary to find an excuse for change. When you have children, however, there are certain expectations. Pumpkins, for example. This year, I’m interested in finding ways to keep the idea of holiday decor without feeling like I’m compromising aesthetics. I really like the spray painted pumpkins above. I might even go for pink, although let’s face it, that’s a long shot. The pumpkin dioramas are super cute too and the kids are already coming up with ideas.

black paper cone wreath

I’m also loving this dahlia wreath. I’m not usually the crafty type, but I think even I could find the patience to make this.

What about you, do you like to decorate for fall?

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