The Plan for the Dining Room

The kitchen and attached dining room are full of weird little nooks. I’ve tried to show you the layout below. The two spaces form an “L”, but there are several oddities. There’s the entrance at the end of the kitchen that looks right into the dining room. The soffit where we knocked out the wall to expand the space. That bump out provides the end of the dining space on one side of the room, but it’s not even with a second weird little bump on the far wall next to the shoe cabinet thing.

All this to say, trying to figure out what colors to paint this space and how to visually separate the dining space from the kitchen is tricky. Luckily I was able to enlist some help. Nicole is a color genius. Bonus, she lives nearby, so she generously offered to come by the other day to help solidify color choices.

After looking at the three options this weekend, I really wanted to go dark in the dining space. The room is tiny, just 9′ x 10′. I’ve tried to make it seem bigger and brighter for years and it doesn’t work. Instead I’m embracing the dark and small and trying to create dramatic and cozy. The kitchen already has the dramatic wallpaper, the dining room needs to step it up. Nicole gave me the courage to choose an even darker gray then the ones I’d sampled and I’ll be painting the entire dining room Seal by Martha Stewart. I’d been planning to paint the ceiling and some of the other nooks that connect to the kitchen a lighter gray, but she suggested I pull a tone from the wallpaper for those. Much better idea. So now the ceiling and the upper part of the wall above the chalkboard, as well as many of the weird nooks, will be a pale aqua to tie the space together. Here’s a general idea of which color will go where.

And then some furniture layout changes for the space. I want it to feel eclectic and cozy when all is done and after years of trying to tie the two spaces together I think a visual separation might be better. So I’m going to move the sofa to the back of the room, where the leaning shelves are now. Install a couple of sconces, find some good art. No wall shelves can go here because the silly wall is curved. Oh old houses, you are so stupid. So the table and other chairs shift back as well. New ceiling light project. And then some sort of bookcase thing up front, because I do still need the storage. Not sure what I’m looking for there yet.

Back to the painting. I put the first coat on the dining room last night and it is crazy good.

dining room painted Martha Stewart Seal

Oh yes. This will be fabulous.

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