Apartment Therapy House Tour

apartment therapy house tour

My Apartment Therapy house tour went live on Friday. So fun. And very validating. Honestly, nine years ago I never would have believed that this house would ever be attractive enough for anyone to want to put up as anything other than a cautionary tale. Endless obsessing does pay off.

The comments were great, mostly complimentary. Numerous mentions of how well I’ve used “mass market” items. My favorite though, was one who called it “the house the internet built”, referring to the rise of the DIY decorators. A little patronizing, but completely true none the less. It would never have occurred to me to reupholster an old couch or paint an ugly dresser if I hadn’t followed Design Sponge for years. Watching people put up interesting wallpapers inspired my own venture in the kitchen. Pinterest provides endless possibilities. I read a ridiculous amount home blogs daily, I would have been remiss if I didn’t acknowledge these influences on the work that we’ve done in our home (they were listed under influences).

I work with artists and teachers on a daily basis. One of the first things you learn, and that I teach, in art is that when creating you draw inspiration from what is around you and find ways to make it your own. And its the finding ways to make it your own where the interesting things happen. Finding inspiration in diverse realms and making it a part of your work in truly innovative ways, that’s when we see the artistic mind at work and are astounded at how artists put things together.

I’m not claiming that my home is a work of artistic genius by any means. It’s a family home that I’ve worked to make beautiful and functional, because these things are an important part of making me feel comfortable in my own home. What I’m pointing out is the connection between my work with artists, working to create a way to teach all children how to engage with the creative process, and the effect that philosophy has had on my worldview. This clearly extends into my home decor, as creating this house (let’s face it, manipulating spaces goes beyond decorating) has become an extension of my creative process. And if you’d told 20-year-old me, with aspirations of choreographing, that one day I’d list decorating my home as my creative process she’d have rolled her eyes and run away. Oh well.

What do you think, does your home feel like an extension of your aesthetic sensibilities? How has the internet contributed to your design choices?

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  • Cheltz says:

    Yes, my home is my creative outlet. It’s probably always been my future, most of my family is involved in building/decorating houses. My style is very different than my family’s, almost certainly because of the Internet, but I find myself trying to get a bit away from that lately.

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