The Dining Room Progress

Significant progress was made this weekend on the dining room. Would you like to see? Here’s the before.

green dining room before

And today. Goodbye green.
gray dining room after

My new favorite room (shhh, don’t tell the others). So very different. There’s still a lot to be done, the room needs art and the shelves need some styling. And I still have to paint most of the kitchen and ceiling. Ugh. But speaking of shelves, take a closer look at this lovely thing.

Just what I was looking for, simple and attractive storage to replace the leaning bookshelves (speaking of which, if anyone’s in the market, I have some bookshelves for sale). There was so much clutter on the others, as I tried to bring in other colors to tie the two rooms together. Now everything is white (or will be when I’m done) and I’ve limited it to only things we use and love. Plus an owl. Cause he’s cute. Currently sitting on a cake plate. Of course.

Another view of the tiny room (9 feet x 10 feet). Love the dark. Does make getting a good picture rather difficult though.

What do you think? Anyone else tempted to do a dark and dramatic room? Next time I’ll show you the floor planning shenanigans that were necessary to get that rather large shelving unit to fit in this space. Crowd sourced furniture placement for the win.

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