Happy Friday!

blanket fort

It’s turned quite chilly today and we’ve all developed colds. This blanket fort, above, looks like a great place for everyone to recuperate with a good book, some tea (or hot cocoa) and a cozy blanket this weekend.

Another blog redesign, I think the last for a while if I can get the bugs worked out. For some reason there’s a ton of blank space at the top of each post and the photos and text in old posts is all discombobulated. Not sure I possess the coding skills to fix this, but here’s hoping. At any rate if you found this and realized to scroll down then let me know. Any other bugs you’re noticing?

Some fun links for the weekend.
Awesome! (via)
And disturbing.
Chocolate photos? Yes please.
I’ve had rustic industrial on my mind too.
Beautiful inspiration.
Excellent Halloween costumes.

This week I asked if anyone else viewed the creation of a home as creative process, my Apartment Therapy house tour came out, I painted my dining room and began looking for art (I think the Warhol must come live here) and we looked at a shared children’s room for The Weekly Room.

In between cuddling up in blanket forts and movie watching this weekend, I’m going to try to find the motivation to finish painting the kitchen ceiling and walls. Ugh, ceiling’s are just the worst aren’t they? If everyone’s feeling up to it we might fit in a bike ride to look at the fall color too. It’s the first weekend in quite a while that nothing has been scheduled for and I’m looking forward to letting it just evolve lazily.

See you next week.

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