Scenes from the Weekend

This weird little meme is oddly descriptive of my kids lately. The tall one is still into The Labyrinth (for her birthday two years ago she rewrote the script, cast all her friends, and filmed a version for her party) and the small one keeps singing those lines over. and over. and over. Oy.

Scenes from the weekend above. And last week too. Friday started off with a bang. The tall one is getting, well, tall. Overnight practically. Saturday they helped me clean the entire house (and it was a disaster) with no complaining and no fights. For that minor miracle I bought them giant ice cream cones. I didn’t promise them as a bribe, because I’m not in the habit rewarding chores with ice cream, but they were exceptionally helpful. A nice surprise. And then there was an eye exam and glasses. I wonder if she’ll find this pair as amusing when she’s my age as I find my old ones. At least they’re not as big as her face.

Saturday evening saw this lovely status. The small one smacked his skateboard into his nose doing some trick. Swollen and bleeding, minor black eyes. We ended up skipping the ER and I think he’s fine, but it’s really only a matter of time with that one. Active little daredevil.

How was your weekend?

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  • Cheltz says:

    The layout’s looking much better! I like how you have a tab open for “how to take a screenshot” in your screenshot :). Emmeth’s new glasses look great, and that ice cream looks delicious! She’ll probably hate them later … everything that is stylish at one time, looks horrible in some other. Her hair, on the other hand, she’ll probably have no complaints. Not styling your hair has some advantages — I know from experience.

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