The Weekly Room Does Dallas

The Craigslist Weekly Room: Dallas

I had a reader request for a Dallas Craigslist post. This one is less of a whole room and more just great stuff. I tried several title options for this post and all were a little, well, off. What’s up with that Dallas? Why can’t I use your name in anything without it sounding like a porn title? (oh, the weird hits my blog will get this week. Sorry people looking for porn, this is just a bunch of furniture from Craigslist). However, poor titling skills aside, look at that fabulous settee up there. $350. $350! Somebody buy it please. That leather chesterfield is pretty sweet too and also unbelievably cheap.

Some lovely mid century dressers and consoles. Really bad photos, but good stuff. That one on the right looks particularly nice, go to the listing to check it out better. All links, as always, on the Pinterest board.

Some fun bed frames (I’d paint that four poster white or gray, its only $100!), a West Elm Parson’s desk for $75 and somebody please buy that adorable mid-century children’s set. Please! And then paint it, of course.
Anyone see anything they’re lusting after?

The Weekly Room is a series in which I challenge myself to create an idea board from furniture found entirely on Craigslist. All furnishings must be in good condition and only one IKEA item is allowed per board. Unless otherwise specified, furnishings in the Weekly Room can be found in the Chicago Craigslist. All sources are on the Pinterest board, the pins for which are updated weekly as well. If you have a room or city you’d like me to try, let me know.

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