Happy Friday!

This week has been a reminder that with the return of cooler weather comes the return of viruses. The tall one had croup (seriously, what’s up with that) and tissue boxes are now being incorporated into all my vignettes. As are used tissues, as I cannot seem to get my kids to put those things in the trash. Gross. On to some distraction. Here are some fun links for your weekend procrastination.

Weekend Links

Loved this post from Alice Bradley.


Oh my, I love these found object toys! I see a project in our future. Found via.

Mom Shaming. Hilarious!

Excellent words. via

Have you been following Jordan’s amazing Halloween Costume series? So good.

A reminder, as we prep for our family photos this weekend.

Our whole family had fun with this!

Some fun Halloween decor from Etsy.

And if you’re local, you really should come see this. I’ve seen it in rehearsal, it’s going to be amazing!

The Week in Review

For some reason I thought I’d done less posting this week, but it looks like I’ve done one a day. Some scenes from last weekend. My pumpkin decor fail. Plus outfit plans for our family photos (spoiler alert, the tall one’s already changed her mind twice) and the Craigslist Weekly Room, the Dallas version.

This weekend, in addition to family photos, we’ll be working on Halloween costumes. The tall one has decided to go as one of the fates, while the small one will be a robot traffic light. Or some such. Do you dress up for Halloween?

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