Planning Ahead

I have a never ending list of changes I want to make to this house. Anyone else have this problem? As soon as I get part way through one project I begin planning the next. Case in point, the dining room. Still not completely painted, by the way. However, moving on. I ordered the parts for this light fixture over the weekend. Finn and Roan may build it together and we can call it science class (that’s right, I’m using homeschooling as child project labor. What?).

Creature Comforts DIY farmhouse table

Saw the plans for this table and it’s now a major contender for a new dining room table. It looks very much like this one from CB2 that was on my original idea board for the space.

And I ordered the Warhol print last week, it should arrive tomorrow. Regardless of all these finishing bits maybe perhaps coming together, I have completely lost steam for the painting. I’ve got the ceiling and all the fiddly bits left and I just can’t work up the enthusiasm to finish it. Bleh, painting.

Despite not having finished that project, it’s done in my head and I’ve already begun planning the next area I want to work on. I’m hoping to spruce up our dreadful basement laundry area before full winter hits. There’s very little light in there, so I’ve asked Finn to put in some more overhead lights.

I’d love a half-dozen of these but that’s out of my budget. We’re also hoping to finally get around to painting the beams white and painting the concrete floor, although we’ve left it a little late for temperature and ventilation, so that will likely have to wait until spring. But more lights and a white ceiling will go a long way towards making the space feel less like a dungeon.

Other plans include installing some horizontal lapboard in the basement stairwell as above, to give the space a little style while covering the holes in the walls. And perhaps paint the doors, which are still the same hideous brown they were the day we moved in.


Finally, the ghetto window in the kitchen, the one with the bullet hole (ok, fine, bebe gun hole), is officially falling out of its frame and needs to be replaced. We’ve had dreams of installing french doors since we moved in and I have a contractor coming out in a few days to tell us how much we need to save up to make that project happen. The window to door isn’t all that expensive (because we won’t be going with custom french steel doors, as above, much as I might dream of them), it’s the covering up the old entrance, building up the floor where the stairs are and installing a deck and stairs bit that’s going to rack up the costs. I’m hoping he’ll have some good suggestions for how to do the project in pieces to make it more manageable, as well as which bits we can tackle ourselves.

So, that’s the plan for the next, who knows, year? Two years? With some other things in between. Assuming I can find the motivation to finish the silly kitchen. Anyone want to come over and paint ceilings with me?

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