Works in Progress

Remember when I began working on bedrooms for Sharon’s children? Well they were recently painted and are looking much better.

Leah’s room has new furniture and a new rug and fits her request for teal, purple and hot pink.

plus these

will finish the space, as well as a chair for a reading nook and her newly repainted dresser (in purple, of course).

Danny’s room, however ended up a bit more mint than Sharon would like, a color compromise on her part. We’ll deal with that by covering large swathes of it. A large bookshelf, bright curtains and some large art should help tone down the walls. Danny was just as opinionated as his sister in the room decor, but with less of a wish list and more of a “no, don’t like that”. Tricky, but I think we’re slowly creating something everyone can live with.

Moving the dresser that Sharon hates, but her husband loves, into the closet and removing the closet doors, was a win for both and created much needed floor space for eventual book and toy storage.

Are your children opinionated about their spaces? How do you handle it?

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