Happy Friday!

All the pieces for the Lindsey Adelman light fixture we’ll be building for the dining room arrived this week. Nice of UPS to make sure Finn and the small one had a weekend project, wasn’t it? Although our family photo was rained out last weekend and rescheduled for this one, so we’ll see if there’s still time for a project.

The Weekend Reading List

The Weekly Wrap-Up

A big thank you to Apartment Therapy for featuring the tall one’s room in their Decals on the Ceiling post. So fun! Which reminds me, I need to show you the changes we’ve made in there. The tall one decided it was feeling a little “babyish”, so we’ve switched out some of the bedding and accessories. In all honesty, I think what she choose is perhaps more childish, but it’s flannel and warm, which will be good for the coming months in our less than perfectly heated attic space.

It was a busy week outside of the blogosphere, I felt compelled to document that here. We also looked at projects I’m planning (you know, when I’m bored) and the progress made on Shannon’s rooms. This weekend will be full of cleaning and errands. I broke down this week and had our cleaning crew back in to try to help catch up on the very neglected house work. It’s a sad state of affairs when the house doesn’t really look clean even after the professionals have been in, but that’s what’s going on here. Probably why that hoarding article above keeps going around my head. At least I know it’s only messy now, there are no new life forms lurking in the corners. So a rather mundane weekend of laundry catch-up and groceries ahead, but it will be nice to feel slightly together by the end of it all.

What are your plans this weekend? Hopefully something more exciting than tidying and groceries.

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