White and Glass

I’ve always preferred white for dishes and serveware, but with our dark gray walls and open shelves I now have a new appreciation for using it as utilitarian decor. My dishes are our wedding set, a classic line from Crate and Barrel pictured bottom left, but after almost 13 years they’re getting a bit banged up with everyday use. I still love how the white mixes with everything so easily, but I’d love to replace them with something a bit more organic in form. I love the Eva Zeisal Classic Century dishes (top left), as well as Heath’s Chez Panisse line (top right). The simple lines of The New General Store’s classic white dishes (bottom right) are similar to the Maison dishes we have now, but different enough it would still feel like a new set.

These simple glass carafes are another item I find myself wanting in multiples. I recently purchased a couple of the Crate and Barrel version (top right) for the bar tray in the new dining room set up, but I prefer the shape of the Heath carafe (bottom right). The New General Store carafe is similar to the one I have, but has a cork stopper.

Here’s how I’m styling my white and glass on the new shelves. I do have to dust the less frequently used items when I pull them out for gatherings, but they look so nice out everyday. And in keeping with my less clutter rule, I’m working to make sure that all the items are things I actually use (aside from the owl, he’s just cute).

What about you, do you prefer plain or patterned dishes?

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