West Elm’s Market Collection

Oh dear, I think I might want just about everything in the new West Elm Market collection. Billed as full of “clever, hard-working, time-saving, clutter busting solutions for everyday living” the collection is an aesthetically pleasing set of useful tools and appliances for kitchen, garden and personal care. While somewhat overpriced, as these things tend to be, there’s plenty of items I wouldn’t mind adding to our home, either as things I’ve been looking for (what, an attractive toilet brush holder?) or replacements for items we use everyday that I had to compromise on the looks or design (that tea pot is gorgeous. And white. And $150. Bother.).

In addition to the expected kitchen and garden tools, and some lovely candles and soaps, West Elm is also breaking into appliance sales. They’re offering a range, smeg refrigerators and a collection of small appliances from Krups. It’s an interesting concept for the store. I’ll be looking for lots of these things when they go on sale, although I may pick up a couple of items at full price.

What do you think of this concept and collection? Anything you want to run out and grab?

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