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lindsey adelman chandelier hardwired

One step closer to the dining room plan. Finn built our new chandelier, using the materials and instructions from the Lindsey Adelman website. Her instructions are quite clear, so I won’t go through a tutorial here. Instead, I’ll let you know what adjustments we had to make to make everything work.

We laid out our parts (all parts needed and where to order them are in the instructions). We did not have the double socket because I forgot to order it and we didn’t have the plugs because I couldn’t find a place to order them on the website. I also forgot to order wire (are you sensing a theme here?), so Finn grabbed it from Radio Shack.

The wire was the biggest problem with this entire project. Above you can see the gauge listed, 26 AWG. It was immediately apparent that this would be waaaay too big to fit through the little brass tubes. Finn went out again and got speaker wire. Which was also too big to fit through as specified in the directions. So instead he got out his soldering equipment and knit the wires together instead of threading four or more through the tubes intact. We also adjusted the plans so that we could hardwire the fixture to our ceiling box, rather than plug it in as the instructions listed.

The wires were still a pain. The first time he hung it he blew a fuse. He took it apart and found where pushing the wires through had pushed aside some of the electrical tape. Re-taped, re-assembled, re-hung. Next time it wouldn’t light. Fixed that, hung again. It lit and then didn’t. Fixed, re-hung. This took about three more tries before finally everything stayed together. Many wires, narrow tubes. Tricky. What seemed relatively straight forward took about 9 hours all together. Worth it though. Finn was patient and swore a lot less than I expected, although he says there were many words that just didn’t come out, being the parent that worries about what our children hear more than I do.

So. New chandelier, check. Athough we still need to pick up a ceiling hook so we can swag it over properly. You might notice the Warhol print in the background too, as it arrived last week. Still not sure its staying though, it looks fine in photos but it’s just not really working for us. Both Finn and I are iffy on it in the space, although we both like the print. We shall see. It’s staying for now, till I find something better. Yay progress. Still haven’t painted the ceiling though.

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